Why DFGL Ambassadors ?

The community is an integral part of Defi Gold development as we scale and grow our operations, Our Defi Gold Ambassadors play an important role that connects DFGL Platform to the community. They are the DFGL brand spokesperson in the community and are fun-loving active members who are driven to help new and existing users to better understand Defi Gold ecosystem.

As we both know Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology has been rapidly growing over the past few years. This is your opportunity to share your passion for Defi Gold while building an income stream for yourself.

Lets improve adoption of DEFI GOLD ecosystem & cryptocurrency in general among the masse


How to become DFGL Ambassador

To become Defi Gold Ambassador you need to buy at least 20 DFGL tokens in your wallet, You will need to create community in your local area / country / region and teach them about Defi Gold ecosystem also you will help them to buy DFGL tokens, Yes, our team will help you to teach the community and material support for events if needed, You can create telegram group and our team member will join for help
Our Team representative will visit the community in your area but they must be at least 200 active members, You will need to conduct online meeting/trainings so that to help your community grow stronger. In mid December 2020 we will conduct training events to ambassador's community before we launch our full ecosystem and Defi Gold App, The aim is to create awareness to our community.

We have 2000 DFGL as Ambassadors bonuses which will be distributed on 15 DEC 2020 to 10 ambassadors worldwide, Its your time now to make your dreams come true in crypto world with Defi Gold. Together, lets spread the DFGL love worldwide

All qualified Ambassadors will be announced in our Telegram group, Twitter and other social medias to help them connect with their local community in specific area

Benefits of DFGL Ambassador

200 DFGL bonuses

Yes, There is 2000 DFGL to be distributed to 10 ambassadors worldwide on 15 DEC 2020, Each ambassador will receive 200 DFGL, Aim is to motivate our Ambassadors for good work, more bonuses coming.

24/7 Support from DFGL Team

We are there to give support and help in case you need for 24/7, All ambassadors get direct and quick help from our Team member directly

MaterIal support from DFGL

DFGL ambassadors have responsibility to organize DFGL events in their local area/region/country, we will provide material support and financial support after we see the achievement and needs to do so, example of materials are t-shirts,banners etc

Network building

Through Defi Gold ambassador platform You get to build a network of contacts in the fastest growing industry in the world as you will get chance to meet other ambassadors and Official team members in international events.
Join us

Ready to Get Started? Welcome onboard

To join DFGL Ambassodor please Send us an email and tell us why we should pick you. When you submit your application don’t forget to mention your country, Twitter account, Youtube channel, Bitcointalk account, telegram groups or other crypto related forums from your country. After submitted is not guaranteed that you will be selected, we can choose more that one ambassador in one country/region, Before you submit make sure you read and follow all requirements, Also you can contact us direct through telegram bellow